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Eco-Friendly Auto Repair

Choices that promote sustainability and the health of our environment are important to Calabash NAPA Autocare.  Choosing to keep your vehicle properly maintained willhelp you do your part to lower emissions and improve fuel economy.  We make choices whenever we can to promote sustainability and reduce waste.  Below are a few of the actions we have taken…
We have installed energy efficient lighting to reduce energy consumption.
We recover left over energy in used engine oil by recycling it for use in heaters.
When we replace any parts on your vehicle made of steel or aluminum, we collect the worn out parts and recycle them properly.
We recycle batteries of all types.
We absolutely collect all vehicle fluids.  We are able to recycle engine oil, all types of transmission fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid for use as heating fuel or to be refined back into usable products.  We recycle coolant to be refined back into new coolant.  Any other fluids that we are not able to separate or use are collected by a proper hazardous waste removal company.  We do our absolute best and take seriously the responsibility of the fluids we work with.
We understand the challenges facing our planet at this time and want to be part of those who are doing what they can to help.  We encourage you to do the same and welcome any ideas or input on how we can improve in this area.